These are the fees we find our customers are most interested in. Please continue to scroll for a complete listing of associated fees on your account.

Features and Fees Travel Wallet
Monthly Service fee 0 kr
Annual subscription 0 kr
Order a physical card 0 kr
Activate a vitual card 0 kr
ATM Fees, Domestic 0 kr
ATM Fees, Abroad 0 kr
Add Money via Bank transfer 0 kr
Add Money using your personal Card, into a domestic wallet 0 kr
Add Money using your personal Card, into a foreign wallet 0 kr
Currency Conversion Fee
Please check the Currency Conversion Fee definition below for more information.
Additional card order 0 kr

Fee Schedule

Create & maintain your account

There are no fees to create or maintain your account, and you can order a physical and virtual card for free. You will need to load a minimum of 500 Kr to qualify for your free card.

Annual fee 0 kr
Monthly fee 0 kr
Card Delivery fee
Load a minimum of 500Kr to receive your physical card
0 kr
Virtual card fee
available immediately, once you create your account
0 kr
Inactivity fee
Applicable each month after twelve consecutive calendar months with no transaction activity. Transaction activity means any load, ATM, POS, Currency Exchange or Balance Inquiry transaction.
0 kr
For accounts deemed inactive on 1 December 2019, Inactivity Fee shall continue to be 30 NOK monthly.

Top-up your account (Load)

You can top-up your account via bank transfer or by using your personal card. If you load money with your card the funds will be available instantly. A bank transfer can take from a few mins to 1 business day, depending on your bank.

Load money via bank transfer 0 kr
Load money with your personal card into a foreign wallet 0 Kr
Load money with your personal card into a your home currency wallet
There is a fee of 0.5% of the load amount, minimum fee 10 kr per load. This means that if you load an amount and the 0.5% applicable fee is lower than 10 kr, you will still be charged 10kr as this is the minimum fee.
This fee is to subsidize what the company we use for this service charges us.

Use your card

Accessing your money is free. We won't charge you for using your card, AMT withdrawals or redeeming funds from your Travel Wallet account to your bank account. Please note that some ATM operators or merchants might charge their own fee, especially when you're overseas.

Point of Sale (POS) Transactions
Once you have transferred money into a foreign currency wallet, there are no fees when using your card internationally.
0 kr
Domestic ATM Withdrawals 0 kr
International ATM Withdrawals 0 kr
Balance inquiry 0 kr


One of the main benefits of Travel Wallet is that it allows you to exchange and maintain a balance in foreign currencies. The exchange rate will be different when you proactively move funds between 2 wallets, when the system moves funds for you or when you use your card in a currency that is not supported.

Aplicable Exchange Rate

The Applicable Exchange Rate is the rate we apply when:
1) you perform a currency exchange between wallets in the app or the web, or
2) you load funds directly into a foreign currency wallet (either via debit/ credit card or bank transfer), or
3) you use an auto top-up. The Applicable Exchange Rate varies depending on the type and time of the transaction and you can see it in the Account Centre. For some transactions, the Applicable Exchange Rate is determined at the time the transaction posts to the Account, which may be different from the time you made the transaction.

Currency Conversion Fee

We will add a fee of 2.5% to the Applicable Exchange Rate defined above if a) you make a transaction in a currency that is not supported by Travel Wallet (please check your wallets section for a list of supported currencies); b) you don't have enough funds in the wallet currency you are making a transaction), and our system has to make a transfer from another wallet to complete the transaction. You can avoid the Currency Conversion Fee by exchanging funds into your desired wallet before you spend in that currency.

Other Fees

Funds redemption
You can transfer funds from your Travel Wallet account to your bank anytime.
0 kr
Request additional card
You can only have 1 card active at any given point, but you can request an additional card to ensure you have access to your funds in case you active card is lost, damaged or compromised.
0 kr